Team Building Exercise: Balloons

June 1, 2009

Today we participated in three team building exercises, all of which involved regular balloons.

For the first exercise, we were each given separate balloons which we filled with air and tied. We competed to keep the balloon in the air the longest using only our breath.

The second exercise was the same only we paired up in groups of two and attempted to keep the balloon in the air together competing against the other groups.

The final exercise was a race, in which we paired up and held the balloon between our neck and the neck of our partner. Making sure not to drop the balloons we ran to cross the finish line to try and finish first.

Things that worked:

1. Exercise 1

  • keep the balloon low
  • blow hard
  • stay under the balloon

2. Exercise 2

  • face the other person
  • have a high initial toss
  • blow hard underneath the balloon
  • try to also blow it forward toward your teammate

3. Exercise 3

  • stand back to back
  • link arms
  • try to move your feet in unison
  • run with one person going forward and the other going backward
  • if you can carry your partner on your back you get extra points!

What didn’t work:

1. Exercise 1

  • not blowing any air
  • not aiming the air you blow

2. Exercise 2

  • same as exercise 1

3. Exercise 3

  • running sideways