Digital Workflow

As a multi-disciplinary project, we will be utilizing a digital workflow process that incorporates several online tools.  Within the digital workflow process, several websites will be employed to organize and publish our ongoing work. These tools will lead to the documentation of solidified knowledge or actions on our website. Our website will showcase all of the work that we complete along with daily posts about team-building activities and pertinent media.

The components of digital workflow that we will be utilizing for our project include:

(1) Communication will take form through skype or gmail. This communication is important for instant relay of information between team members. Skype, Gmail.

(2) Document storage will occur at dropbox and google documents. Document storage allows us to access various documents and research information from anywhere.

(3) Digitial bookmarking will take place at and we will be sending out pertinent links via Delicious allows us a place to share the relevant information within the websites that we have accessed and found pertinent to our research. Digg allows us to share our research and progress with readers on the web.

(4) Picture storage will take place at

(5) video storage will take place at and
Youtube and Vimeo

(6) Scheduling, vital for meeting goals and deadlines, will be organized on google calendar.

(7) For team brainstorming, storage of information, and collaboration, a wiki page will be utilized via the website.

Digital workflow is a good tool for collaboration, efficient organization, and shared research. The goal of the digital workflow process is to more effectively manage our ideas and resources while also displaying our final results in a more visible spectrum to those interested conservators and engineers on the internet. We have chosen to use digital workflow because it will not only allow us to meet our project goals, but also to reach out to a public audience.

By documenting all of our steps in this endeavor, we are making it possible for others to reproduce our process in engineering design, teamwork, and a multi-disciplinary approach to problem-solving.