Brainstorming 101

It was time to start brainstorming in the Solution Phase for our project. We had an hour to fill out 100 note cards each. Each card contained ideas or pictures for possible storage solutions. Ideas included both the practical and the hyper-imaginative; from storing art in already existing slat crates to padding it with fluffy clouds. We listened to music while filling out these cards and looked through various idea books to get the creativity flowing. Some of the techniques we applied while brainstorming include: adapting ideas, subtracting ideas, combining ideas, and using opposite ideas.

When the hour was up and our cards were flush with open-minded innovation, we mixed our cards up and divided them amongst ourselves. Then we looked through the stack of everyone’s ideas, writing new ideas that they spawned or elaborating on existing ideas. This exercise allowed our creativity to soar to new heights.  This form of sharing ideas can open minds to new dimensions, new avenues, and new sources of creation. All in all, brainstorming served as a invaluable platform for the work we face ahead.

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