Team Name Brainstorming

Following our team-building activity and strategy meeting we held a brainstorming session to select a team name. First, we individually took five minutes to write down initial ideas on a piece of paper. Second, we verbally shared those ideas with the group. We used those ideas as solutions or to cultivate new ideas, writing each on the dry-erase board. After throwing out the least desireable names, at the end of the brainstorming session we were left with the following names:

  • Inno-Crate
  • Sculpto-Cradle
  • TexoSkeleton
  • ArtArmor
  • ModPod
  • Artadillo

Because it was so hard to decide on a finalized name, we decided to toy with a conglomeration of various names. In the end the result was ARTadillo-Inno-Crate-a-Pod. Catchy right? Well it was a temporary fix.

After researching which domain names were actually available and seeking a name that captured the function of our team, we decided to reconsider ARTadillo-Inno-Crate-a-Pod. We chose a name that is short, simple, and explanatory. The name is ArtArmor.

Brainstorming with a time limit was was not as completely satisfying as we had initially intended though it served as a perfect way to generate many options and as a warmup for the remainder of the week which was spent brainstorming for solutions to the project.

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